Service Providers - Deborah Marko Photography

    Elegant portraiture, designed  to empower and captivate.

    As a portrait artist, I specialize in creating the experience to match the most beautiful

    images  you have ever scene of yourself. Preparation and technique is what produces this

    outcome.  Every step of the way it is a rewarding experience to see individuals transformed

    with classic lighting, posing, expression and sometimes a little bit of magic!


    Service Providers


    By definition, the goal of framing is often to focus the viewer’s attention upon the subject, but the ends and means are ultimately at the discretion of the artist. Hence the reasoning behind an artist delivering a work of art in his/her chosen frame.

    As a work of art, when added to the decor of a room, the art/portrait becomes yet another piece of beautiful furniture, and ultimately an heirloom.

    Depending on the portrait and the planned implementation of it's installation, as an artist, I highly recommend fine art framing to complement your decor/interior design.

    Make-Up Artists:

    Glenna Franklin Beauty

    917 744 1333

    Jussie D. Artistry

     Artistic Beauty Made Possible, For Your Special Events


    d.d.Nickel ~ makeup studio

    Celebrity Looks for Real Women 

    Studio: 203-777-4161 

    Cell: 917-400-1721

    Please direct all additional questions to the studio at:


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