Deborah Marko Photography: Profile, Photographic Education and Memberships.

    Dear Visitor,

    Art has been a part of my life since I first saw a French Impressionism exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, while in high school. The field trip was an extension of a ceramic class, which I loved, and excelled in. However, it was the French Impressionism exhibit, and the beauty of the movement, the textures and the colors of the waterscape, as the backdrop to Caldor, that hypnotized me, and changed my life that day.

    Documentation through photography influenced me when I was very young. My mother was a professional dancer, starting in her teens. In fact, she once danced for President Kennedy. She loved the camera, and the camera loved her back. She had a collection of wonderful portraits of herself, and also of us. Two family albums, that were, mesmerizing to view. One, a formal album, and the other like a scrapbook; each photo perfectly placed in its corners, with its own caption.

    My father and other family members, still have a portrait of him and my mother in their dress blues, while in the United States Air Force, prominently placed. This portrait is very striking, and in my opinion meets the test of fine portraiture, because it is loved and appreciated beyond its sentimental value; that being for its’ aesthetic qualities.

    The portraits of my mother are wide in range, many as a dancer, some of which were beautifully posed studies of the artist. Some were of performances. A favorite was when she was a cheetah in a jazz performance. Some were simply at family events. In the end, the portrait of the women, encompasses a body of photographs.

    There are exceptional portraits of my father too. One, a significant study of him in his sailor suit, as a young child. It still stands the test of time. Many large wall portraits were purchased of this masterpiece. In addition, the portraits of my father, in my grandmothers’ living room, as a young man, were notably taken with a professional camera. They were environmental portraits, taken amidst the surrounding décor of antiques and oriental carpets, which added to the depth of the study. And like the wonderful portraits of my mother, these are also cherished by my family for both affection, and their elegance.

    I attained my Bachelor of Arts degree, in Biology from Anna Maria College, Paxton MA. Although a biology major, my electives included oil painting and drawing, which again, I was skillful in. Fashion has always been a strong influence in my life; and as I evolved, interior design became my focus. Today it is photography. Every free waking moment I am thinking about it, studying it, while anticipating the next opportunity I will have for a photographic workshop, or session. This is why I am looking forward to meeting and spending time with you! Once your portraiture, takes its place in your home, I hope it too is much loved by you and your family, as the portrait of my parents still is today, with me and my family!

    Again, I am looking forward to meeting, and helping you to meet or exceed your vision of fine portraiture, for you, your family and your home.

    Sincerely, Deborah Ann Marko

    Photographic Education:

    CAW - Creative Arts Workshop, New Haven CT 4.5 years.

    PPANE – Professional Photographers Association of New England 2010-2013

    CTPPA - Connecticut Professional Photographers Association 2011 -2014

    Mystic Seminars - 2012-2014

    NEIPP - New England Institute of Professional Photographers 2011, 2012, 2013

    PPA - Professional Photographers of America 2014

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