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    Elegant portraiture, designed  to empower and captivate.

    As a portrait artist, I specialize in creating the experience to match the most beautiful

    images  you have ever scene of yourself. Preparation and technique is what produces this

    outcome.  Every step of the way it is a rewarding experience to see individuals transformed

    with classic lighting, posing, expression and sometimes a little bit of magic!



    As a photographer my goal is to create beautiful heirlooms for your family to enjoy for generations. The consultation is an opportunity to discuss your ideas and vision for your portraits, as part of the collaborative process with the portraitist . It gives the photographer the opportunity to gain insight into what you want to achieve from the portrait session personally, and as art in your home.

    My intention as portraitist is to depict the subject(s) to look wonderful, with emphasis on the person(s), and their essence, because the portrait is about the subject(s). Then…add the setting, the posing, the light and the magic!

    For the person entering the room, where the portrait is installed, I hope to achieve a very positive visceral response, to remind family and friends of their real affection, and connection with the person(s) in the portrait, in a way that they identify the persona(s) depicted.

    I hope that the portrait and it's framing, or not, enhances the surroundings and becomes a focal point of the home, and ongoing reminiscent conversations.

    Beauty is the illumination of your soul. John O’Donohue

    For appointments, consultation or questions contact Deborah Ann Marko at:


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